RETICULAR is a research, creation and distribution platform. It’s both a company that produces works of art and a laboratory for exploration. We investigate the art of fiction, narratives, conversation, intimacy and what is called relational intelligence. We take the creation of works of art as an excuse for investigating ourselves, and we investigate ourselves so we can create works of art. The works are also an invitation for conversation and perplexity. We are attracted to wonder, we are attracted to silence. We think of the work of art as a meeting point, and the encounter as a possibility for celebrating misencounter (difference, singularity, complexity). We make fiction because we are fiction: if human life is so fictitious, artistic fiction is a laboratory where we can give ourselves permission to look, to listen, to attend to subtleties of an extra-daily order. Reinvent ourselves. We investigate ways of narrating and different types of fiction: we put personal research and aesthetic creation in dialogue. We make films and series and we show them. As part of the creative and research process, we also write on art, film, narrative, fiction, aesthetics, culture, intimacy and relational intelligence. We think of aesthetics (art) as the politics of sensitivity.

This WEB is a platform for sharing the fruits of our research; it’s also a space for opening new dialogues, collaborations and creative encounters. If you are interested, contact us at

If any of these things are inspiring for you, and you feel like collaborating, both with money and with materials, contacts, services, etc, please get HERE.

Dama David and Jada Sirkin directing on a shooting of TRAMA, 2019

About us

Dama David is an astrologist from Casa XI and Evolutionary Breathing researcher and facilitator. Studied acting and musical theater. Actor, producer, writer and film director at RETICULAR films.

Jada Sirkin is an writer, filmmaker and actor. Studied film direction at ENERC (INCAA), literature, theater, dance and music. Performed in plays, published books and teaches creative writing. Writes in his blog at