Penny, the conduit

An intimate, aesthetic experiment, a poetic diary tracing the path of mourning and rebirth. It weaves the tapestry of play, audiovisual exploration, and the alchemical transformation of reality into fiction to distill the essence of pain and reveal the poetic tapestry of the human experience.

Running time: 20 min.
Directed by: Kelly Nesbitt
Music: Mad Composer Lab
Translation and subtitles: Jada Sirkin

The director says:

PENNY is a film about mourning the recent loss of my father, burnout from working in the ICU, and finding solace through the use of play - as exemplified by the character Penny’s awkward yet earnest commitment to meditation, nature worship, and conversations with a radically different kind of deity. tipo de deidad radicalmente diferente.

Penny is a conduit who expresses our collective grief and despair, yet exemplifies the unquenchable hope that lies deeper in the human heart. Death, mourning, and healing are overt themes of this piece.


Kelly Nesbitt (Portland, Oregon, USA) is a transdisciplinary performance and video artist whose creations are rooted in movement based theater, performance art, and somatic clown psychology.

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